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I have to get something off of my chest. I'm a new grad and my only nursing job has been as a school nurse. I started as a sub for the county and will be moving into a full time position. I could not... Read More

  1. by   lovetheocean
    Your job is valuable and certainly relevant to the medical profession. Thanks for all you do!
  2. by   Godgirl
    I am currently a PT surgical nurse and I am also a substitute school nurse. I have worked in surgery for many years, but I have only been a substitute school nurse for two years. I am amazed that people would say school nurses aren't real nurses!! I believe that school nurses have such a wide knowledge base, they need to know so many different areas, not just one specialty. I would be thrilled to be a school nurse full time. I would be honored to be able to join such a great area. I would hold my head up high and so should all school nurses.
  3. by   samadams8
    School nurses are definitely real nurses. Can be challenging dealing with some of the kids and parents.I say, if you are happy and enjoy it, you are among a very select group of people that actually likes or even loves their job. You are blessed.I have been asked to do it, but never really wanted to. That's me.

    Not everyone can do it, and cert means a baseline four years BA or BS and extra coursework.I'm with the other person that said they don't much care what others think. That's the truth. Be glad you have found your least for now or however long. Many people haven't found that place. I say congratulations to you!
  4. by   BSNbeauty
    I sub now as a school nurse and love it ! Don't let others discourage you . Be confident in school nursing. I had an ICU nurse shadow me one day, she could not believe how busy the health room was. I could tell this would take time for her to get used to. The school nurse forum is an excellent way to vent too.
  5. by   nglaurenRN
    I'm a new grad and my first RN job is school nursing. I never thought of becoming a school nurse since I didn't want to be in pediatrics. I love kids but i don't think I can handle seeing very sick kids and it takes guts to do that. However, I took the job offer because I was bored out of my mind from being out of school for 3 months. And why not? I did nursing not just for the title, but I wanted to help the kids that need me.
    I never realized how important school nurses are until now, since I didn't really work with a school nurse during my clinical rotation. We basically have to work for the whole community that surrounds that school that we're at --- I have 5 schools and I have health assistants in each school sites that I have.... Let me tell you, I get really scared when I get called for emergencies (since i'm fresh out of school) and I pray every morning that my kids are safe in school and I don't get any surprise calls. Although I don't deal with the ice packs and bandaids, I have to deal with the emergencies, diabetics, catheterization, and the sickest kids, the non-compliant parents, and administrators.
    It's hard work and I really feel like i'm making a difference in the short time that i've been a school nurse. However, I have to leave school nursing for a new grad program because I'm not confident enough to deal with emergencies. Handling the whole district with 5 schools is just too much for me without any previous experience. I really believe that someone needs to have experience and a wide base base of knowledge to be a school nurse! It's a challenge and you never know what you will get. I would do school nursing again in the future though and I'm glad that I at least tried it. Oh and I will also miss the random hugs I get from my kids whenever they see me around --- priceless
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  6. by   Stephalump
    Oh, don't let people's opinions get ya down. We all have our own ideas of what nursing "is," and all that matters is you're living up to your expectations.

    I did a school nursing clinical rotation and I wanted to gouge my eyes with a hot pitch fork. When I found out the RN I was working with ha only ever done school nursing during her 30 year career, my thought was...what a waste of a degree!

    But the more time I spent there, the more nursely things I realized she did. It just didn't match the idea I had in my head.

    And that's ok. I love psych...another field that requires constant defense. One of my best friend loves working in nursing homes. All nurses using nursing skills, just in different ways.
  7. by   sleepy17
    I have to get THIS off my chest. I'm really sick of nurses berating other nurses/not having each other's backs. Just because you don't work in a hospital doesn't mean you are not a "real nurse". You are doing a job that you love, makes you happy, and does require a lot of critical thinking! You earned that nursing degree and as a result have a job to show for it. Some people really want to pity themselves/go on some ego trip to try to prove to others that they are some top achiever or the best nurse in the world. Please. They think it makes them sound more important, but really, they just sound pathetic and self-conscious. Keep on doing an awesome job. Nurses are needed everywhere, and your job is just as important as any
  8. by   pronurse45
    Every field in nursing are special...and that includes school nursing!!!Those who do not appreciate this specialty are somewhat narrow-minded people...Just be happy with what you are doing and don't think too much about what others are saying...
  9. by   Gentleman_nurse
    Here is a test to see if you are a real nurse:

    1. Did you go to nursing school?
    2. Did you pass the NCLEX?
    3. Do you have a nursing license?
    4. Does the job require 1, 2, & 3?

    If you answer yes to all the above, you are a real nurse. Case closed!
  10. by   joanna73
    Apparently, the only "real" nurses are med surg, ER, and ICU. I work LTC and I've heard this before. All nursing roles are valid. If you're an RN or an LPN, you are a real nurse, and you should be proud of it. No matter what, some people will hold stupid opinions. Don't worry about it.
  11. by   Sugarcoma
    OP just know that if you were a "real hospital nurse" you would still get comments like these.

    Don't you know that Med-surg nurses are glorified waitresses and only ICU RN's are REAL nurses? Or that ICU RNs are anal bullies that can't assess without a million dollars worth of equipment and three aides attached to the patient? Why they wouldn't last half a shift on a floor with 6 patients to take care of and they could never do the work of an ER nurse, now those are the real nurses. But wait: those wacky ER RN's just spend their shifts being mean and denying people pain medication, if they ever found themselves on a floor or up in the ICU they would end up huddled in a corner get the idea.

    Insecure people will always find a way to make themselves feel better at the expense of others, don't give them another thought. I personally envy you for finding your niche so early in your career! I am still looking for mine.
  12. by   ccweisbard
    Just wanted to say that as a hospital nurse in the past and now an informatics nurse that I am super grateful for my children's school nurse. Between asthma, epilepsy and all the major and minor booboos she has been amazing to and for my children!! So thank you to ALL school nurses that are there when we cannot be!!!!
  13. by   Wrench Party
    Even though I want to go into hospital nursing, I will come out and say I envy those of you in non-hospital settings,
    with your relatively normal hours, different style of care, and working with different populations.

    Maybe once I get tired of the hospital gig, I'll seek other opportunities.