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  1. Hi my name is andrea and I am new to the school nursing world. I started school nursing one week ago and feel a bit overwhelmed at times but I love the kids. I have been looking into purchasing a school nurse guidebook. I am only going to be able to purchase 1-2 books. Are there any particular books any of you would recommend that would be a good overview for all school nursing issues?
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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    The NASN bookstore has some good choices. I believe the one I ended up buying was "The Comprehensive Guide to School Nursing" or something similar to that. School Nursing can definitely be overwhelming at times, but hang in there! You'll find lots of good info on this board too, so check out some of our older threads. Welcome!
  4. by   Flare
    one book that i find i really like is Minor Emergencies by Buttaravoli (which always makes me think Butt Ravioli when i glance at the name lol).
  5. by   danceluver
    @andrea8302: Was it difficult finding a school nursing job as a new grad in your area? Any suggestions for other new grads to make them look favorable for such job openings?
  6. by   andrea8302
    I graduated in 2007. I got onto every local school and signed up for weekly job openings with the school. I think with being younger, having computer skills is a plud bc they r trying to do online charting. I also workd at a local health dept so i have immunization knowledge which i think helped me out. I applied 3 times with my school before i was interviewed so don't give up if u want it