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  1. Ok so here goes! So this is my first year as a school nurse and I'm the only RN in the district and we only have 4 schools in our district. So when I first started I asked for a policy and procedure book or a handbook or whatever they'd like to call it...NONE! The others in my district are a CNA, CMA, and someone that was grandfathered in as a CNA because she's been here for almost 30 years. Once I started settling in I realized what absolute disaster everything was and nobody follows the same guidelines because we don't have any. The one who was grandfathered in has major health issues but can't afford to retire so they continue to keep her on and her daughter is the CMA at another school. I got together with my supervisor and asked what I could do to get this in order. I'm not a supervisor to the others, thank God, but I have been asked to get policies in place. If anyone is willing to forward on their policies and any guidelines and letters home they have for their district or their school I would greatly appreciate it! I really need help and need to quickly get this in place. There are so many things here that I really worry about!!!!
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    Check your allnurses "my account" for a PM from me.
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    I'm in a similar position wanting to see someone else's guideline. It's hard working in an environment where there never has been one.
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    I am on the P & P committee for my district. I would advise making immunization requirements a priority. It is pretty basic because all you have to do go by your state health department's requirements. Health department communicable disease exclusions are a fantastic outline for campus exclusion policies. I'm still a fairly new school nurse, but I hope this helps.