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  1. by   WineRN
    Quote from MrsMRN
    Lifelearnings-This nap has not been ordered by a Doctor, rather decided it was best in a meeting which included the principal, teacher, behavioral support paras. Yes it is because of behaviors. But let me tell you, the behavioral para drops him off in my healthroom for "nap time" and then takes off and Im left dealing with him. For example, today, five seconds after she left he said he needed to use the restroom. While in there, he turned on the emergency shower and soaked everything, wouldnt get back into bed, etc etc. I finally just ignored him until he laid down and fell asleep. Aint nobody got time for that.
    I had a similar situation in the fall, but I told the behavioral team that I would only do it if there was room (which there rarely is) and that this is something they should be pulling in the parents to deal with (earlier bed times, no screen time before bed, etc). After the second time I sent him back to class because of a full office, a new plan was put in place and he has a reward system at home for having good days here at school.

    But for the part I bolded, that is NOT ok. I would be talking with that Para's supervisor and the child's parents. I have a soft spot for all of the SPED kiddos, but if they are being malicious just to be malicious, then I respond like I would for a normal student.
  2. by   lifelearningrn
    Quote from MrsMRN
    Flare-He is not a 1:1 student! They are attempting the least restrictive alternatives with him for now, but I think it's very evident that this child needs to be in a self contained classroom with individualized lessons and 1:1 paras. SO FAR the napping hasn't been a huge issues, but you are right. Its coming, I know it. Its not just about him napping in here, but me having to constantly redirect him back to the cot for at least 15 minutes daily, while trying to triage bloody noses, potty accidents, daily med admins etc etc. I have started to just ignore him and let him get out of bed and roam out into the office because i'm being super passive aggressive and trying to make a point lol. But I have also mentioned my concerns to the principal who is willing to brainstorm alternatives SHOULD we need to. yikes. Is it mid winter break yet??
    I don't understand why you weren't part of the planning process that decided he needed to sleep 30 minutes a day in your office. Of course the teacher and para are willing to pawn him off on you.
  3. by   MrsMRN
    yeah I wasn't a part of the decision. I was told "this is what we are doing"....kind of frustrating for sure.
  4. by   Glitternurse
    WOW!!! Have you thought of pointing out to the powers that be, dealing with this kiddo increases your chance of making a med error or on the flip side While you are focusing on your med pass or helping an injured or sick student he could be injured due to his (mis)behavior. Maybe they might find a better solution if they know there is a possibility of an angry parent with a lawyer coming after them. I wish you the best and a quick resolution.