Just taught my 2nd Grade hygiene class

  1. One of the teachers approached me and asked me to teach the class because she has a couple kids in particular who definitely could use the class. I found it really interesting that one of the "key players" was the one kid in the class who knew all the answers about how often to bathe, how it's important to wear clean clothes, etc. His clothes are always grimy and he definitely has an unpleasant "aroma". Curious if things will improve. I taught the same class last week to a different 2nd grade class and the teacher told me yesterday about how dramatically things have improved in terms of odors in her classroom. Here's hoping it sticks!
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  3. by   100kids
    That's great! I love teaching the little guys! They get really into it.
  4. by   ruby_jane
    My hat is off to you elementary nurses for sure!! Also the middle school nurses who have to have The Talk with the classes. Blessings upon all y'all.