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  1. I have been recommended for an Elementary School RN position. I have 4 years experience as an RN in the L&D and Pre-op/PACU areas and this will be my first position as a school nurse. I know I will gain valuable information from these boards, but with only a week before the start of the school year what is some must-know information, and I'd like some ideas to decorate the office too!

    Thanks y'all

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  3. by   tanna898
    ABC to healthy lifestyles board is something that I plan on making one when things slow down. A for apples as snacks, B for eating breakfast C for cross the street carefully etc etc. with colorful pictures.

    As for what to expect priority one at our school is to make sure the students with epi pens and diastat orders have care plans established and all proper paperwork received. also get there early as many parents drop off meds before school (if you are lucky). Make sure they have filled out the forms and check expiration dates of the meds. I also scan through all the new registrations that came in over the summer and see if they have any significant medical concerns which may require special accommodations or medications needed on campus.

    Good luck it's a lot of work but eventually things will slow down and then you can verify all the vaccination records and physicals requirements.

    It's a great job you are going to love it.
  4. by   Flare
    know which kids have medical issues that you need to be aware of - severe allergies to something they may encounter in school, diabetes, seizures are probably the top 3. Ensure you have emergency contact info on everyone - including people to call if parents are unavailable. Next, ensure all your students' vaccine records are up to date. In your spare time (ha ha!) get familiar with your school policies and state guidelines for your own practice. You will probably need to plan on doing screenings.

    As far as how to decorate your office - that is up to you. I found some really neat vintage posters that i put up in my office and of course some giant microbes. Some people elect to do a monhtly theme - i started out that way and realized that hardly anyone ever looks at my bulletin boards - so they have into for me on them.
  5. by   Nurse ABC
    Great ideas above. Must know:

    Kids will try and fake anything to get out of class/school so learn how to assess well. The more they argue how sick they are the less they usually are!

    Learn all you can about lice because there will be tons of it.

    Teachers will usually freak out about a kid falling down or someone with lice quicker than they will about someone who may have a concussion or low blood sugar.

    Teachers hate to deal with anything messy whether it's puke, poop, or snot so expect to have lots of clean ups. It's great to have extra clothes on hand for those times as well.

    Be the child's advocate! Insist they go to the dr when needed and even play hardball and not let them return to school until seen by a dr if necessary. I've had kids with pneumonia, asthma, scabies, strep throat, ear infections, etc that I've had to literally force the parents to get them to the doctor and it's usually the ones that have a medical card and don't even have to pay for it. Help them get glasses, dental treatments, clothes, and school supplies if needed.

    Expect to not get an uninterrupted lunch or a planning period like the teachers.

    Some parents will freak out over ever little boo boo their child has (esp if you didn't notify them). You'll learn which ones to notify if their child crosses your threshold but it's better to just notify all parents if their child is going to come home with something they didn't go to school with like a cut, bruise, etc. If it's minor a note will do but if it's something the child may have to go to a dr about like a sprain, bump on the head, etc always just call.

    Get on the good side of the secretary. They can be a big help when needed if they like you!

    Teachers can be really annoying! There will be a few who get what you do but most don't.

    Give hugs and smiles as needed. For some of these kids, school is the only place where they may feel safe, warm, fed, or even acknowledged.

    Finally, always follow your gut whether it's about an injury that you feel needs checked by a dr or a possible abuse situation that you need to call Human Services about.

    I'm sure there are tons more but this will get you started. Good luck-it can be a very rewarding job and a very trying one at times!