How Long in School Nursing ?

  1. How long and do you like it more than any other nursing you've done?
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  3. by   JentheRN05
    About a month, subbing only. Nice change of pace, unanticipated emergencies are hard when your the only nurse for entire district. But my normal job is with the elderly. Only problem with this particular combo is I have to be especially careful not to transmit the various illnesses between the two populations.
  4. by   ILoveNursing82
    Sorry, but I don't quite understand your question..
  5. by   Kelky
    This is my first year, and I do like it, not more so than other nursing I've done but at least as much as. The pay is dreadful though, so I don't see me staying once my child is out of this particular school.
  6. by   Dimple58
    2 years now at a Junior High of 836 students. Well, I like the change after so many years in the hospital. It can go from minor to major care in minutes and you are the sole emergency help that the school looks to. So you won't get immediate backup from coworkers like in a larger network setting of health providers but just call 911. I feel it's hard to find a nursing job that you like and that pay well. I like school nursing better overall but I miss the skills I learnt in the hospitals. I miss tickling with the iv pumps, feeding pumps, pca pumps and medication machines. :roll :chuckle But I don't miss the acute care rush with new admits, codes, er admits, transfering pts to icu in the middle of the night. When I was young, I didn't mind that. But I started when I was 24 and I'm now 48. I'm still young but not for that strenous stress for 8 to 12 hours at a time. To me the stress meter stayed at 9.5 while school nursing ranges from 5-7.5 for me. umpiron: The pay stinks but I value my health and family time more than money. So I'm happier. I don't complain about my job everyday to my husband like I did at the hospital. I've had to cut out Ebay spending some but I plan to work maybe 2 days a week this summer to pay off bills. :icon_roll I feel good helping and talking to the next generation vs the ones on the other side of the stick. Maybe this world can be a better place because of my advice.
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  7. by   chineezguy
    19 years. I miss aspects of working on a peds floor but I will never go back.