Going from Adult ICU to School Nurse

  1. The timing is awful, but I have been hoping for an opening at our parish school, and today the nurse announced that she'll be retiring. I was hoping that she'd wait till the end of the year, for family reasons. I have an excellent relationship with the principal and plan to interview. But I don't know a lick about school nursing. I have been an adult ICU nurse since 2004. The school is PreK3 up to 8th grade. It's a smallish private school. I know the pay will be low, but being close to my kids is more important. Can anyone tell me where to go for more information to prepare for interview? Should I try to get PALS from my current employer? Has anyone else made such a big crazy transition?
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  3. by   ohiobobcat
    Welcome! And good luck with your interview.

    A PALS class would be a waste of time for a school nurse position. You don't have access to any of the drugs used in PALS (I used to instruct PALS back in my hospital days and I thought that would be a big selling point during my interview. They were impressed, but I have never utilized one thing from PALS as a school nurse.) CPR and revisiting basic first aid procedures would be more appropriate. Review the laws in your state/school district or school policy on medication administration. Review immunization requirements for your school/state.
  4. by   Cattz
    Good luck with your interview. Being close to your kiddo and having basically the same schedule...nothing like it! I have been blessed to be able to be a school nurse for most all of my kids school careers. My baby graduated last year. My grandbaby started Preschool this year, so, the blessing of a school nurse schedule continues!! Let us know when your interview is, so we can be thinking extra happy thoughts for you!!
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    Don't forget to highlight your awesome assessment skills and ability to work independently, especially while under pressure!
  6. by   holldog99
    Thanks for the tips and warm welcome. My interview is Tuesday morning. I live in Texas, but I know that there's diocesan rules about immunizations that are stricter than public school. I will search this, and probably seek out a mentor at a neighboring school. Like I said, the timing is bad. I have a baby on the way, so I wouldn't be able to start till after winter break. But, this opportunity is so great in the long run.