Finally back at work!

  1. A lot of schools in my area are still closed after the impact from Hurricane Sandy, but i'm open and ready to rock... Hoping it's a good day - i'm dealing now with kids coming back after a week of no power in their houses and a night of postponed trick or treating - i am already anticipating the tummy aches and reluctance to get back into their routine!
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  3. by   NutmeggeRN
    Oh Boy! Good luck to you...what a horrible loss many people have endured. Please know thererare many of us out here who have you all in our thoughts and prayers and are contributing to relief efforts.
  4. by   100kids
    welcome back! We just got back yesterday after Sandy. It was a busy day in my office after the kids had a week off. It felt good to get back into a semi normal routine though.
  5. by   Flare
    I fared pretty well. I didn't lose power in my house, but 3/4 of my town did - so needless to say, my house was full! I feel blessed when i think of the desctuction that took place only a few mile from my own house.