Epi pen order

  1. Hi Mom, please ask your Doctor to complete this and bring in back with your epipen and your benadryl for your daughter who has an extreme allergy to everything..

    next day:

    Me: Ummm.. Hi Mom again yeah its me your friendly school nurse, Can you please have your doctor complete the form, not you..(mom interrupts)

    Mom: for your information: the doctor said I can fill it out and sign his name...

    Me: oh he did, did he? well, since I called him and asked him why he didn't complete the order correctly and he had no idea who you were, sooooo can you please come and get a new copy and take it to a doctor to complete?

    Mom: what constitutes a real doctor?

    I hung up

    come on, Im not paid enough
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  3. by   MHDNURSE
    Tell Mom it's fine if she does not feel like completing the form. If her daughter has a reaction, she will be dead before EMS arrives. I said exactly that to a mother who STILL has not sent in an epi pen for her bee and wasp allergic son. Another student had just been stung (in his class no less) and I again called mom to tell her that. I am still waiting...
  4. by   scuba nurse
    OMG!!! LMAO!! I love it!! You cant make this stuff up!!
  5. by   OldDude
    You know...I'll offer up Allergy Action Plans for the MD to sign and some parents will take care of it and some won't, no matter what you do, so I've stopped worrying about it. As far as I'm concerned the Epi-pen, with the student's RX label on it, is good enough for me. I'm not going to withhold the medicine if the kid needs it under any circumstance so I save my energy for other battles.