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  1. So I just got hired on as the new school nurse at an Elementary school...YEA!!! Now the Boo part: before I was hired my family & I scheduled our family vacation and it just happens to be during registration. My principal was really nice about it & just told me to put together a check list for someone to follow. So I have a million questions...but here are a few. (oh, where to start!). 1. Does every student need to bring Immunization records even previous students?2. Are the asthma care plans done at that time or when parents bring medications?3. What does your registration process consist of? Thank you for your help!!
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  3. by   Jolie
    In our district, all students (new Kindergarteners, returning students, and newly enrolled) are encouraged to have their paperwork completed well in advance of registration night, which is a week before classes begin. They can come into the buildings M-T in June or August and drop it off. The secretary initiates a health file (both electronic and paper) and places it in the nurse's office.

    Any newly enrolled student, whether in Kindergarten or a transfer student, must have a physical exam (or signed waiver), vaccine record (or signed waiver), eye exam, which can be completed by an MD, PA or NP during a routine physical (or signed waiver), a student health update, which is a 1-page form comleted by the parents to notify the nurse of any special health considerations such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, seizures, ADD, etc., and also lists immunizations given in the last year, and permission for medications to be administered at school, if applicable.

    As for your question about immunization review for returning students: In our district, we fully review immunizations for newly enrolled students. Each year, a list is compiled in every building of students who do not meet immunization requirements, whether due to medical or religious reasons, or non-compliance. That list is reviewed at the beginning of the new school year and updated. Some students will have received shots over the summer, which should be indicated on the health update form mentioned above. Other than the students with known compliance issues, and those whose parents list newly received immunizations on the health update form, we do not completely review every student at he beginning of every year. It' just too time consuming. That said, every time I look up a student's record for any reason during the year, I review immunizations and make certain they are current, as mistakes are sometimes made. So at some point in the year, I look at every student's record and note it as done.

    The nurses have access to the buildings (and paid hours) beginning in early August, and are able to complete immunization reviews, establish health plans for students with special considerations, and prepare for medication administration well before registration night and well before school begins. Parents are encouraged to bring a supply of meds to school during the week before classes begin so that there is not a big "rush" on the first day of school.

    The immunization reiews and preparation for students with daily meds and special health needs are non-negotiable and must be completed prior to day 1. Review of physical exams, eye exams and minor health considerations are less pressing and can be accomplished in the first week or two after school starts.
  4. by   NutmeggeRN
    Can you get in there early and maybe meet with previous RN and discuss how she did it? You wil certainly develop your own practice and style but a blue print to work from might be helpful.

    All new students get a complete review of the required paperwork and the immunizations (need to be aware of state IZ reqiuirements and policy re religious medical and philisohical exemption).

    For al known asthmatics, I send all asthma care plans (same goes for EPI pens and diabetic info and any other health issues that need special attention) to parents for review and signature and then to PCP for signature each fall and as new ones come in.

    And I also try to do a quick IX review everytime I open a file and advise if anything needs to be taken care of- I am in HS so most mandatory IZ's are done by now.

    I also put together med info- permission form ,school policy, med admis sheet together so wehn someone comes in, I have it all at once.-Again in HS (small <600) I do not have a ton of dailys-more PRNs than anything else.

    Best of luck to you!!
  5. by   Flare
    only new students and studsents needing an immunization update (6th grade in NJ) will need to bring in new immunization records. This is usually the biggest headache! During the year it's easy to make yourself a part of the registration process, over the summer all you can do is give the office staff a list of what is needed at what ages and stop on several times.

    Congrats on the new job and good luck. We're here if you need us!