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Hi everyone! I am a nurse at a private school for children with autism and other developmental delays. We just hired a second nurse as our student # and the acuity increased. How do you guys document... Read More

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    rewarded you with a saltine.
    Whatever you and SP call it.
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    they just dropped the bomb on me - "We're looking into Care Dox"

    I ask very little around here... i like the way i chart. please don't change it because you want to save a few hundred dollars. My efficiency will go in the crapper.

    Anyone use care dox? Thoughts???
    My district uses Care Dox. I like it, for the most part. Once you have everything set up for your kids (meds, medical conditions, treatment schedules, etc) it's very easy to navigate. Click click here, type type there, save & done. I don't know any different, though, since the switch happened right about the time I was hired (they had been charting medical visits in PowerSchool).