Crutches v Wheelchair

  1. Oh my, I just made one of my students so mad at me! It's a shame that sometimes they think we're just out to get them instead of looking out for everyone's best interest.

    He came to the clinic the other day with an ankle injury after landing incorrectly in basketball. There was a bruise all around the front of the ankle, moderate swelling, and there was an obvious bone deformity. Today is his first day back at school, and he brought a note from a doctor saying that he has a fractured fibula, and he will require a splint, crutches, and follow up in 2 weeks. He came into my office and asked for my wheelchair. I explained that he couldn't use the wheelchair because the doctor's prescribed treatment plan included crutches, and in the event of an emergency, I need my wheelchair to be available. (He should know! The other day, he had to make it down to the clinic with the assistance of some other students from the gym because I had another student who was so heavily under the influence that he was unable stand, ambulate, or get out of my wheelchair while his guardian was on the way to pick him up.) The student was walking with crutches correctly, and they fit perfectly. "I have a note from my doctor that says I can't use crutches at school." I asked to see the note and pointed out that he would be responsible for providing his own wheelchair if that was correct. The only instructions on the note were "no stairs, no physical education for remainder of the school year." Mind you, students only have three days of school left after today, and from here on out they are half days because of finals. His counselor already agreed to let him take all of his finals in the library so that he won't have to walk all over our large campus.

    Typically a sweet kid, but kicked my trash can several times on his way out, said "I'm not wanting to hear what you're saying right now" when I told him to put away his cell phone and pay attention to what I was explaining, and made some other comments about how I'm ridiculous.

    Oh well! You win some, you lose some. Not everybody's going to love you! ... And you know what? With 3 days left, that's ok with me.
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    not everybody is going to love you...for sure...but we love you here !!

    praiser :heartbeat
  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    i feel the same as you. the things that will normally irk the heck out of me, now don't. i just smile and say just 2 more days and i'm gone for good ! :spin:
  5. by   luvschoolnursing
    My kids are always trying to get the wheelchair. One said to me yesterday. "I bet when we're not here, you ride all over the place in that thing, popping wheelies"
    And I thought no one knew-guess they're on to me!! The end of year excitement at my school is so great, I'm just sitting back enjoying the absurdity of it!