Care Plans for Next Year

  1. Never too early to make plans for next year! How do you get your care plans returned from parents? Is there a note you put with your care plan to send out?
    This past year, my first full year as a school nurse, I sent out care plans throughout the summer with phone calls made to each parent and then did a last call for care plans the week before school started. Yeah... that didn't go so well. I did get SOME care plans in, but not a lot.
    A co-worker said she asked for care plans the last month of school and saw an ever so slight increase in returned care plans.
    Also, I have 7 schools (just over 6,000 students), though only a fraction of the students need care plans, I can imagine you understand that there still are a lot.
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  3. by   Spidey's mom
    I include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for them to use to mail it back.
  4. by   NurseKitKat
    My method is this:

    The last week of school I send a packet home through the students who need to get it. The packet is a lot of work, and takes me several weeks to get everything together, but it's worth it The packet includes a "cover letter" with a check off list of needed items for the next school year and all the forms/information the parent needs to start off the school year right! It usually has: forms needing to be completed by a physician, reminder for immunizations needed over the summer, a reminder to parents to pick up mediation still at school. I e-mail the teachers a few days before to let them know I'm going to give this to them to send home, and explain the importance of it (I keep it short & sweet though or it won't get read ;P)...then I e-mail them in the afternoon right after I've put them in their box (and before they've fled the building!) and tell them basically "it's in your box...give to your students in the AM!". I also call the parent to let them know to expect it, and tell them to call me if they do not receive it that afternoon so I can send it again. If I can't reach them by phone I just go ahead and mail it out. I also make a copy of the "cover letter" and put it in my "August" folder so I have it ready to send home the first day of school. If you work through the summer, or have a long pre-planning period, you can start calling parents and getting info faxed before school even starts.

    Sorry this is so long! Care Plan creation is so is probably the hardest thing we do! Everyone wants to be ready to go by day one, and unfortunately, that's not reality...but at least you will know you have made an HUGE effort! I have a decade in doing this, and this works best for me...but I'm open to any other ideas anyone has! I've tried several ways, and nothing has been 100% effective (yet...still working on it!).

    Good Luck!
  5. by   NurseEllie13
    I haven't tried this myself and it only works if you can communicate with parents via e-mail. My colleague attaches the care plan to an e-mail to the parent but cc's the principal on it. Apparently that method works REALLY well for her!

    If your principal is okay with it, I guess you can also include in the cover letter something along the lines of "the principal and I look forward to reviewing the completed care plan and working with you to ensure that your child has all of the support he/she needs to be successful during the next school year."
  6. by   Cackalacky
    That works for the schools who take e-mail addresses, but a lot of my parents don't have internet access. I love that idea though! I neighboring district has pretty good success with it.