Best injury explanation ever

  1. PE teacher brings me a kid. This is not unusual - Coach has a student teacher and a lot of the kids in PE tend to wander when sent. Plus he's had an unusual number of weird injury things happen lately. But he's grinning so I think all is well.

    Coach: "Tell the nurse what happened."

    Sheepish kid: "I cut my finger on someone's nose ring." (simple abrasion)

    Me: Was the nose ring spikey? How close were you? How did that even happen?

    Sheepish kid: "I'm really not sure."

    Coach: (trying not to laugh) "I figured I could have taken him to the trainer but I thought you'd want to hear that."
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  3. by   Avill
    Haha!! Happy Monday!
  4. by   kidzcare

    One of the biggest understatements I've ever had was a 5th grader who walked into my office from PE, supporting his arm which had an extra bend (both radius and ulna broken)

    Kid: (calm as can be, in shock) I, uh, hurt my arm
    Me: *(raises eyebrows)* Well, you broke that arm. You ever been in an ambulance?
    Kid: No
    Me: Today's your lucky day. Have a seat.
  5. by   ruby_jane
    Quote from kidzcare
    Me: Today's your lucky day. Have a seat.
    HAHAH! Nice.