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I have a student, an asthmatic, who was recently put on Advair (takes that at home), uses an Albuterol inhaler PRN and also has an order for Albuterol nebs PRN. She is a very gregarious and charming... Read More

  1. by   Mrs.B
    I put in for the $ for a peak flow meter today. The principal wanted me to write a letter explaining exactly what it was and what it was for (!). Meanwhile, with extra mouthpieces and s & h the total bill was $25 bucks!! It's not like I was asking for a raise, right? Well, hopefully I'll get it.

    And....FYI...the famous student that prompted this discussion, has not been to my office once since I wrote my posting!!!

    How's that for irony?

    Watch, she'll walk in my door next period.....

    Thanks for the advice!!
  2. by   nessa1982
    Well at least with extra mouthpeices it can be used in the future
    Hopefully all goes well
  3. by   kids
    Originally posted by renerian
    For me, and I have been asthmatic since the age of 2 (now 46) wheezing comes late for me and I am in real trouble by them. I get tight fast, cough then wheeze, if I don't do it when the tight hits, I can still talk and such, I am in deep doo doo. I will be blue in minutes. I seldom wheeze but I always always cough. Does she cough? As a kid I was hard to pin down even in some of the attacks.

    My daughter was dx w/ asthma at 6 and RAD at 10. She will sometimes have a short, infreq dry cough. She doesn't start wheezing until she is blue.
    Her Ped was great...she encouraged her to "own" her asthma and to pay attention to what her body was saying to her, tighness in her chest and an ache in her mid back is her signal that her MDI isn't doing the job. Her need for tx is very dependant on her internal signals and she has ended up intubated a couple of times because an ER doc wouldn't listen to her words, only her chest and looked at "her" and not her ABGs. By 14 Andrea could guess with accuracy when she needed a neb tx, prednisone or a dose of Aminophyline.