Any school nurses?? I Need help!

  1. Hi all!

    I am working on my RN to BSN and my clinical site this quarter is an elementary school. We have to do a teaching project to a class. Does not matter what grade, we pick. I need help on some topics to teach these kids. I have no peds experience, so this is a new field for me. Any thoughts would help. The nurse who was at this school last quarter did a handwashing project, so I cannot repeat that. Please help! Thanks.

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    what about HIV/AIDS, scoliosis, how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on someone who is choking (for the older kids), cuts, burns, fire safety, poisons, diabetes prevention, how to protect themselves from the sun, cold, rain, etc, nutrition, exercise, there are so many different topics to teach young kids
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    I had to do a project similar to this when I was in school. I did a presentation on smoking for 10-12 year olds. I used a lot of visuals and statistics and they were really into it.
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    1. Dental Health
    2. Healthy Eating
    3. Personal Hygiene
    4. The field of Nursing
    5. Bicycle Helmet Safety
    6. Dangers of the Sun
    7. Handwashing

    Good luck with your presentation
  7. by   edgwow
    I did handwashing it was fairly easy. We made sock puppets and called them germ and nater. Used for grade 2-3. Type in search Hand washing curriculum. New Mexico had a great one that we were able to adapt. There are cute stories about handwashing, we used a book we found at a local Barnes and Nobles book store and read it in class. There is also a thing called a glow light which can be borrowed from the community education section of a hospital if they have one and you can inexpensively purchase the fake germs. There is a wealth of info on this. If you email me I can send the curriculum I used to you. Why reinvent the wheel. Our presentation was about 1 hour. Also give coloring pages.
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    I did handwashing for firstgraders, dental hygeine for grades 4-6, and nutrition for grades 5-6.

    You might be able to get free toothbrushes from a local dentist's office, personal sized dental floss, etc.

    There are also some great photos on the internet of what happens if you don't take care of your teeth. The gross-out factor can sometimes be useful. *grin*
  9. by   scallisto
    Thanks for all your input! There are some great ideas I will run by my preceptor! Wish me luck