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School Nurse Can't Get Bandaids

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Dear Nurse Beth,

Work prn this summer for summer school for special education children. Teacher supervisor has me stationed in center community area surrounded by 8 classrooms. Unfortunately this is on 2nd floor of high school and the nurse's office with all the supplies is in way other side of building! Supervisor said I can use teachers badge to get in office but other day could not get in just to get a bandaid! They think I carry a thermometer and bandaids in my bag. Think school should supply this or should I go out to buy this on my own?

Dear Needs Bandaid,

What a great summer job!

So one of the best forums here on allnurses is the School Nurses. By best, I mean 86,000 members, and they are positive, informative and funny. I hope you will post your question there to get an answer to "is this normal?" You can find them at Specialties/School Nurses.

I do think in the world of teachers, there is an expectation that teachers buy a lot of their own supplies. But I'm thinking room decorations, not essential supplies. Just saying it's a different mind think.

It's very possible that your office and workflow are not well thought out. Have a conversation with your supervisor, as providing the tools to do your job are her/his responsibility.

Best wishes, 

Nurse Beth

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Why not get let into the nurses office and fill up a portable container with standard supplies you might need on any given day? Then you aren't using your own funds AND you aren't having to run down to that office during your work day. You can keep it in your car and carry it in and out with you each day.

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