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School dropped ball on clinical rotation contract, Need Advice!


I am a 2nd year RRT student (who has utmost respect for Nurses). My school is located in a major metro area with several hospitals, all with ICUs.

I was due to start my second ICU rotation (12 weeks x 24 hrs/week) this fall with one of the area's larger msICUs. The contract between the school and the hospital was not executed properly by the neither the school nor the hospital. As a result, myself and 3 of my cohort mates do not have a clinical rotation this quarter. Among the three parties involved, the students fulfilled all of their responsibilities for starting rotations. I am at an impasse.

Has anyone else had this happen? If so, did you have any recourse or possible actions to take?

This has been completely demoralizing as clinical rotation is the aspect of the program that keeps me motivated to do well in the classroom.

I have to make up my clinical hours by sitting in a medical library, or have to make up the hours during subsequent quarters even though myself and my class mates acted responsibly.

Thanks for reading my large verbal vomit.



This is BS...let me guess...for profit college?

What I would do? I would make the school administration extremely familiar with my face until they found an appropriate clinical rotation for me.

This is not a for profit college. It is actually one of the most respected and longest accredited public RRT programs in my area.

I received some updated information as of today.

From what I understand, unless we have been mislead which is a possibility, the contract was executed by the school properly but it is sitting on the desk of a manager at the hospital. My clinical director at the school, unless he is also misleading us, has exhaustively tried to place us at other facilities.

From what I know, not just the RTs are having this issue with this hospital. Rad tech, paramedics, and the pharmacy students are having the same issue.

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Can you make up the clinical hours at a medical library? Don't you have to have so many at the bedside?

Sorry to jump to conclusions! I would still advocate for myself to get a clinical spot this semester. As you stated, a medical library is absolutely not an acceptable replacement.

If they truly are trying and can't find you a spot then I would ask about internships over school breaks.

No worries at all. Its a realistic conclusion to jump to.

I am typing this thread from a...wait for it....medical library! I appreciate people trying to help by suggesting a medical library but it really isn't a sufficient substitute to running ventilators and setting up ECMO on heart trans patients.

Clinic is what keeps me motivated in the classroom.

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I am so sorry you are having a hard time with your clinical rotations set up by your school. We are mostly nurses here and would have very little knowledge about RRT programs. We have a few RRT's here that may help.

I hope this gets all cleared up for you!