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  1. andrea3434

    Am I Fit for Nursing?! HELP

    You don’t have to be sweet and selfless to be a nurse. What you do need is a strong support system in order to get through nursing school with a baby. This doesn’t have to come from family. Also, it doesn’t matter what other people consider “real nursing” whatever that means. How are you making a living right now?
  2. andrea3434

    New Grad Nurse Anxiety PLS HELPPPP.

    A good preceptor should not make you afraid to ask questions. do you have an educator on your unit or someone else you can talk to about this? I have a friend who requested a new preceptor. The original actually later apologized. I get not wanting to rock the boat but the situation is not conducive to learning.
  3. andrea3434

    I hate fake call outs.

    My hospital doesn’t give full annual raises for more than 4% call ins. Really cuts down on them I tell ya!
  4. andrea3434

    Getting hired with no experience

    True at my hospital as well. Not to mention group homes. Many of my aids either work side jobs or started at group homes for mentally challenged adults.
  5. andrea3434

    Advice from experienced nurses please

    I’ve only been a nurse for 7 months but I too feel like I’m drowning still. I swear it’s become worse in the past month. The issue with the aides is absolutely unacceptable. They don’t respect you. Have you asked other nurses on your unit if they act this way toward them? Did you bring it up with your director?