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  1. andrea3434

    Help! Preceptor Issue

    Sorry, major reading comprehension fail. That’s what I get for reading posts in the middle of the night
  2. andrea3434

    Help! Preceptor Issue

    I disagree. If you are on orientation you should have a preceptor available. I could see getting someone else to precept if your original went home. i don’t think it’s safe to leave a new Rn without a preceptor when still on orientation (isn’t that the whole point of having preceptors?) I would look up policy and go from there.
  3. andrea3434

    Am I Fit for Nursing?! HELP

    You don’t have to be sweet and selfless to be a nurse. What you do need is a strong support system in order to get through nursing school with a baby. This doesn’t have to come from family. Also, it doesn’t matter what other people consider “real nursing” whatever that means. How are you making a living right now?
  4. andrea3434

    New Grad Nurse Anxiety PLS HELPPPP.

    A good preceptor should not make you afraid to ask questions. do you have an educator on your unit or someone else you can talk to about this? I have a friend who requested a new preceptor. The original actually later apologized. I get not wanting to rock the boat but the situation is not conducive to learning.
  5. andrea3434

    New Grad LTC Med Pass Problems

    Lol if you worked in a hospital you wouldn’t have to give 25 patients their meds! That was a ridiculous question from your DON.
  6. andrea3434

    I hate fake call outs.

    My hospital doesn’t give full annual raises for more than 4% call ins. Really cuts down on them I tell ya!
  7. andrea3434

    I was slapped by a patient

    Somehow the topic of reporting a patient to the police has never come up in any of my modules
  8. andrea3434

    Getting hired with no experience

    True at my hospital as well. Not to mention group homes. Many of my aids either work side jobs or started at group homes for mentally challenged adults.
  9. andrea3434

    Advice from experienced nurses please

    I’ve only been a nurse for 7 months but I too feel like I’m drowning still. I swear it’s become worse in the past month. The issue with the aides is absolutely unacceptable. They don’t respect you. Have you asked other nurses on your unit if they act this way toward them? Did you bring it up with your director?
  10. andrea3434

    Advice please

    The only practice we got with IVs in nursing school was on fake arms. I've worked as an RN for 4 months now on a medical-oncology floor and have never started an IV. At our hospital we have an IV team that does all ivs except on labor and delivery. I could easily work here for years with never starting one. So it's not that odd to me OP doesn't have experience with this. It was never brought up verbally or in our employee paperwork that starting them was a core competency.
  11. andrea3434

    I can't do it all (mom rant)

    My son (also fifth grade) has similar issues. It is draining and stressful. What helps is therapy (my husband and I alternate weeks taking him) that is both play and talk-based, a supportive school system, and medication (diagnoses ADHD and we literally just started the medication route this month...been trying to hold it off for years). We talk and listen when he needs it. We use natural consequences. For example, my son often shuts down at school and refuses to do his work. So I have his teachers send all this work home and he has to finish it before he gets to do what he wants to (electronics, playing outside, etc). I don't say "you didn't behave at school so you don't get to watch youtube tonight!" But he knows that in order to do that he needs to finish his work. I will help him as needed. It sucks so bad, it's hard to be happy when your kid isn't. Hang in there mama!
  12. andrea3434

    NCLEX June 2018

    Hey, you might want to edit. We aren't supposed to ask for copyrighted information and the mods have been deleting these types of posts.
  13. andrea3434

    NCLEX June 2018

    I took mine today. My stopped at 101, I had 25 select all that apply, no ecg and only a couple of med questions. No dosing calc or delegation which surprised me. Got the good pop up about 3 hours after I finished. Good luck everyone!
  14. andrea3434

    Pearson VUE trick... different pop up

    That pop up means your results are still on hold. PVT Trick: 150,000 people can't be wrong. Tutoring Available.
  15. andrea3434

    Where are all the nursing jobs?

    Minnesota is awesome. I moved here from Colorado 10 years ago and I'd never go back.
  16. andrea3434

    Where are all the nursing jobs?

    Or really anywhere in Minnesota. Most of my new grad class has been hired at good starting salaries.

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