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I belong to The American Legion, VFW and Marine Corps League. They don't all help me out but the ones that don't have scholarships for my kids which really does still help. I have 4 kids, one is 23 in medical school. the next is 18 and will start college in September and I have a 15 year old and 3 year old. So all the scholarships they can get through these organizations will save me a lot. I am also a bartender at our VFW and yes some old guys hang out and drink, but that is not what the organization is for. They do a lot of good in the community. Also during the conflicts and wars they send packages to the troops and phone cards so they can call home for free. Nancy


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To Marilynmom--

Thanks for that info....same as your hubby, I too will be taking 6 hours a semester for the next year or so....which is why I was concerned.

:confused: Can I ask you what OTAG is? Forgive me, it is Monday morning (ugh!) so I am still trying to 'kick start' my brain...

Thanks in advance!

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