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Scholarly Project Ideas??

Specializes in Critical Care/Teaching.

Hey my fellow nursing students,

I am finishing up my MSN in nursing education (May 09) and I am getting ready to start on my scholarly project. I am trying to narrow it down for some good ideas!! Any ideas??


ghillbert, MSN, NP

Has 20 years experience. Specializes in CTICU.

The best project is about something that interests YOU, since you'll have to spend hours on it.


Has 15 years experience. Specializes in Trauma,ER,CCU/OHU/Nsg Ed/Nsg Research.

Have you done any projects during this program on a topic that you would like to explore more in depth?

I agree with ghillbert- you should have a fairly good idea at this point of what interests you enough to want to do your final project on it.

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