scheduling NCLEX-RN exam


Does anyone have any suggestions as to when should I re-schedule my NCLEX-RN exam again.

I'm currently in the process of doings Suzanne4's plan. Should I wait until I'm done with her plan?

Had already failed 3x and hoping that I will pass the 4th time around upon completion of

Suzanne's plan- hope this works this time. Since I had joined the forum, I've read a lot

of positive things (passing the boards) with her plan....hope & pray that this will help me out

a lot.

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wishing you the best of luck. I would wait to schedule your test until you finish your course and feel ready.


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Go onto the Nclex forum and or pm Suzanne and ask her...she is the one that would really have the advice your looking for. I am proof that her plan works. I failed the first time and waited until over a year to retake it a second time. I recently passed in my problem is looking for a job. Good Luck to you!

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I hope to try Suzanne's plan also. So far on the postings I have been hearing positive remarks about it. Good luck to you.


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Hi, i took the hurst review last January 20, 2009. I took the live review for 4 days. I haven't finish the day 5 cd yet. But I want to know if its worth to take the exam on the last week of march. I still feel Im not ready yet but the better you take the exam and if you fail they will ggive you a remedial course. And my husband is insisting me to take the exam already by march. Im having a hard time studying becuase I worked 3 nights a week plus taking care of the kids (2 yr. old and 1 yr. old). Do you think its better for me to take the exam already? I took nclex rn the first time last October 2008 and I end up with 75 questions and I FAILED. I used the KAPLAN twice before that exam but it did not help me. SHould I just take the exam next month?

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