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Hi everyone, i'm looking to get some info on how schedules work for RNs in the OR. I'll be starting a peri-op program for new nurses in the fall and want to get an idea of how a typical day goes. Typically 12 hour shifts or 8 hr Monday-Friday? If your shift is 7-7, do you show up early to prep the OR for a 7am surgery? Does your schedule vary week to week? Self-schedule? How many surgeries do you usually scrub/circulate in a day? Are there over night shifts or is it only on call? If there is overnight shifts then is that primarily for trauma service? Thanks in advance for any info you may have!

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These are things you're going to want to ask the manager of the unit you were hired for. Facilities are going to vary- what's true in mine may not be true in yours.

Mine has 8, 10, and 12 hours shifts. The vast majority are 5x 8 hour shifts. Monday through Friday? Most of the time but there is a weekend rotation.

Generally, if the shift starts at 0700, the first patient isn't also in the room at 0700- that's just logistically impossible. Our first patient in OR time is 0715. That's 15 minute to prep the room and get the patient.

We have all kind of shifts .12 hr,8 hr,10 hr .My facility so flexible since it's a trauma center.I work weekend nights Fri,sat ,sun 7p to 7a.I love my shift.Not busy and also free from day dramas and chaos .lol.Good luck to you

Wow - is it a Level I? Do you scrub trauma? Any memorable cases you can share?

That sounds like a nice schedule.

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