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[color=#500050]i share a car and childcare duties with my husband and he works 5:15am-2pm (i stay home and watch kiddo while he works, he stays home and watches kiddo while i work/go to school). i need to take bio 202 in the fall. i also need to get a job, as a cna/patient care tech/etc. available job openings seem to have hours of 7 am-7 pm, 3 pm-11pm, or 7pm-7 am.

if i did a morning class i would have the same availability for work everyday (3pm-11pm and 7pm-7am). if i did a night class, i would have open availability for any shift on tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday but no availability on mondays and wednesdays.

i don't know how willing employers are to work around lack of availability on days i'll have class. taking a morning class would be inconvenient but doable, as i could take my husband to work and then go to class while my sister watches my son. i live far off any bus lines so public transportation wouldn't work for me.

should i take a morning class or a night class?

Have you considered taking A & P online? I know Rio Salado College offers it, but I'm not sure how their lab component works. Their classes are also transferable to most AZ RN programs. Might be something to think about. Good luck!

Phoenix college typically offers completely online A&P 1 and 2. Very doable. Decent online lab. Much better format than rio IMO. Some students will scoff that you cannot learn A&P online, but if you are a self-starter and put in the effort you can do it and get an A (while actually learning the material). You know the get out of it what you put in it. Even ASU accepts the online lab classes for full credit.

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Good luck whichever you choose. I took A&P 1 & 2 and Micro at Phoenix College (not online), in the evening and worked my full time job 7am-5pm so it worked for me. I have learned that if you want to finish school, you need to put school first, so if it were me, I would sign up for whichever class I wanted (morning or night) THEN find a job that will work with those hours. Even if it's a part time job. If you get a job as a CNA a lot of the time, you will have a rotating schedule so that wouldn't work with your school hours, however, some places will work with your schedule. I'm trying to get into a hospital as a CNA, but after all of the applications, no luck so far. I start nursing school in August and I need to keep my full time job but don't know how I'm going to do it. We all need luck huh? :)

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