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SCF/Manatee Community College Nursing Program

Hi all, I'm new to the website & was just wondering if anyone had any information on Manatee Community College in the Bradenton area. I think now they've changed their name to State College of Florida...has anyone went to school there? applied there? know anything about the GPA cutoffs for the application?...



nobody knows anything about this school????

labrador4122, RN

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I applied back in 2004 and got accepted based on a waiting list for 2005.

It was on a waiting list back in the day, I don't know how it is now, but I would definitely start looking thru their website first for uptodate information, or even go there to get pamflets of information about it.

I did not go because a week before my manatee letter came, I was accepted to broward college and that is near my house. Manatee==I would of had to move.

A few years ago i was accepted and started the program but didn't finish. I personally had a bad experience with one of the clinicals and was scared to go back to the hospital. However much of the class i started with are now licensed RNs and doing fine. I was accepted into the Spring 2007 class @ the manatee campus. I learned alot in the short time i was there and now regret being a chicken. I'm going back to nursing school in tampa but now i'm going the LPN route b/c the RN programs up here are 2 year waiting list long. The school is great and i had already taken all my pre reqs at another school before i applied there. They only count GPA from the pre reqs and I think mine was like 3.4 which is pretty low since they bragged about several students with 4.0 throughout the program. But good luck to you and study hard! Happy nursing, u chose a great place to learn!!

I am also looking for information for SCF/MCC. I will be applying September 1st 2011, and will hopefully be beginning soon after! If anyone has taken Nursing classes with the program here, I would be appreciative of any advice/suggestions. Good luck to all!

I have done all my pre-reqs there and have been pleased so far. I am hoping for an acceptance letter on July 1st for the Venice campus AS program...... @ ashcoyle, which campus are you going to, if I may ask???

Hi corsair,

I am attending the Venice campus, and finishing my last pre-reqs now. As mentioned in my earlier post, I will be applying September 1st. Hopefully to hear good news in November *fingers crossed*. I too, have been pleased with the Venice campus but will be applying at any of the SCF campuses for the program, with hopes of getting in one right away. Good luck to you on your acceptance!!


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