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Hello everyone!! I'm new to allnurses. I've got all of my pre-req's done except A&P 1, 2 and micro. I tried taking A&P 1 almost 2 years ago and failed!! I was devastated. It was so hard and so fast paced my head was spinning. I'm at a completely different school now with a fresh start, I've got a 3.89 GPA and really need to make an A or B in anatomy. Can anyone recommend a way to memorize everything in a&p? I've tried the flash cards and coloring book and it's got me no where. I'm literally scared to death to start back to school in August. I will take any advice I can get.

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With a diploma, there is no actual degree. I'll sit for the NCLEX..but won't get an associates or bachelors in nursing. If I didn't have a college degree..I would definitely go for an associates. But, I don't need extra courses..I want as much clinical experience as possible and this particular diploma program gives me 244 clinical hours by the end of the FIRST I'm excited by that. I learn more hands on.

There are a lot of threads on here about diploma vs. associates vs. bachelors. All in's what's works best for YOU.

See..I can't do online classes..I need to be in class to stay focused! lol

Well my school seperates anatomy and physio so I'm taking Anatomy and Micro in the fall along with psych and stats. I know I'm crazy for my choice of classes LOL but I'm pretty good at math and I'll only have Anatomy one day a week so that should help. I didn't really have much of a choice even if I couldn't handle it.

I'm doing a BSN, it just worked out best for my situation. I could finish it in four years versus the three years it would have taken me just to get my ADN. Though Bachelor programs are known for having lesser amount of clinical hours compared to ADN and diplomas. My program only gives us about 600 hours of clinical time, unless they make the clinicals longer.

I've already been accepted for my program, they are just waiting for me to finish my pre-reqs and my entrance HESI but I should be starting nursing classes next fall.

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