Scared to death I won't get into my program.


I am a pre-nursing student at IUPUI (21-year-old male). I transferred in with 12 credits (4.0 GPA in all of them), and I consider myself to have good studying/testing habits.

I have ~6 months of volunteer experience as a Unit-Patient Liaison in a Transplant unit, and in that time earned some recognition among the unit I worked at and in the volunteer office.

Now to my concern: I am completely beside myself with worry thinking I won't be able to get into the program. They ditched the interview process, so I won't even have the opportunity to make an impression other than pure numbers.

My question is: if I don't get into IU's nursing school, where do I go from there? Are there other "good" nursing schools in Indianapolis that I could apply to?


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I understand where you are coming from. My school doesnt interview anymore either, but there are other things you can do that will stand out. You already have 6 months of volunteer work. What you can do now is write a letter to the application committee. When you write to them say what you would say in your interview. Post your picture to make it as personal as possible. GO ALL OUT! If you don't get in don't give up. You should always apply to more than one school, but try not to think negative. Think positive thoughts. Don't worry about something you have no control over. You have already done everything that you can do. It's time to take your hands off of it and LET GOD! GOOD LUCK to you :)


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I love Indy! Well have you considered also applying to other nursing schools in the area? Like University of Indianapolis or Marian university? I know they are private but they are in the same area and with your GPA, you might get some great scholarships. It wouldn't hurt to apply to more. Just a thought. Good luck to you!

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The fact that you have a 4.0 will help and the fact that you are male will help. In my program, any man that applied seemed to be given extra consideration. Just a fact.

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The fact that you have a 4.0 will help and the fact that you are male will help. In my program, any man that applied seemed to be given extra consideration. Just a fact.

Shhhh you will get your school in trouble, it's not "legal" :)

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I would say you should have little to no worries getting accepted. Especially with good quality RELEVANT volunteer ship.

As an IU School of Nursing student, I think that you have no worries of getting into the program. I applied and was accepted to all three campuses. Bloomington, IUPUI, and IUPUC. I had a 3.9 GPA at the time. Yes I did have a B+ in Anatomy and it was fine! :) B's are okay!!! It is a great experience to go to IU school of nursing and they LOVE to increase their diversity!!!! Make sure that you do include volunteer work. I volunteered at PALS in Bloomington that worked with cognitively challenged individuals learning to ride horses and I also job shadowed at IU health bloomington hospital. I was the last class not to have to take the TEAS so I'm sorry that I couldn't help with that!

Hope this helps!

Love, a fellow IUSON future grad :)