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I almost fell off my chair the other day when I opened the American Journal of Nursing and found a 2 page ad for a scab agency! I thought: WHAT???????? While it's publishing stories about our fights to win workplace improvements & publishing editorials from the President of the ANA denouncing & condemning scabbing &

the scab agencies that promote it, right there in the very same journal was an ADVERTISEMENT from one of those scab companies! The RNs in the ad were known to be scabs who had even worked the strike in Nyack. HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED??? I figured somebody goofed but still I am not the only outraged RN the AJN and the ANA heard from. Here's their response......

AJN Discontinues Ad with Strikebreaking Firm

Washington, DC -- The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) recently published an ad from a company that is known to provide strikebreakers to health care employers whose nurses are on strike. Although AJN is the official journal of the American Nurses Association (ANA), based on ANA's sale of the journal in 1996 to an independent publisher, ANA no longer has authority to determine publishing policies for AJN, including the acceptance of advertising and

nature of editorial content.............

ANA was gravely disappointed with AJN's decision to run the ad because ANA is adamantly opposed to relationships with strikebreaking nurses and companies that supply them. Therefore, ANA was highly pleased when AJN advised the association that they were NO LONGER ACCEPTING ADVERTISING FROM STRIKE-BREAKING FIRMS starting with their June 2001 issue..........

The ANA certainly understands and empathizes with the anger and sadness that nurses, particularly those who have made the difficult decision to go on strike, feel over the issue of strikebreakers. The ANA shares their concerns about this type of advertising and the damage that strikebreaking nurses and the companies that engage in strikebreaking can do to the goals of nurses who are on strike......

ANA strongly condemns companies that participate in these

practices and has picketed such firms in the past. ANA knows that strike-breaking endangers patients, undermines nurses and delays strike resolutions......." httP://

So glad to see the ANA helped the AJN see the light too. For the past 2 years, Nursing Spectrum has refused to do the same with their magazine.

jt-I don't know if you're still posting at that "other BB", but I think this should be an exception, even if you are not. Please post this at NS and call the moderator's attention to it. Some time ago, I asked why they continue to run these painful ads but never received a response. It is one of the reasons I no longer go there, or receive the print copy of the NS. But I might be tempted if I hear they post a satisfactory reply, although I doubt that will happen.

NS, the management magazine to nurses, was bombarded with hundreds of letters during the Nyack Strike for its numerous full page ads from these companies every week. Same thing during the Massachusetts & DC strikes soon after. They didnt even flinch. Their reply was that they do not discriminate against any organization that wants to pay for ad space & that we should be thankful about that because thats what keeps us getting the subscriptions for free. I told them to take mine off their mailing list.

I heard there was another letter campaign a few weeks ago & people got the same response.

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