Just curious, how many of you only studied the nclex using Saunders comprehensive only for RNs?


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Never used Saunder only. But i used saunders q an a for my content. If I'm tired doing kaplan, I do suander q and a since based on my experience the q and a from saunders is way easier than kaplan. However, along the way on doing q and a from sauders I learned a lot of content. I didn't read the book, just read the rationales or google the topic about it if I got the question wrong.


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I have Saunders, Kaplan, and Lippincott. I focused on the Saunders and used the question bank on the computer too and to be honest, the nclex seemed to be much less difficult than the practice. Just do questions as much as you can tolerate. Reading the books may or may not help, but 2 years of RN school has taught you all you need to know, now it is time to practice questions.


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I used saunders as my only content book. However I did use kaplan online q trainers and qbanks for strategy and question practice. This is because although saunders is a great content book, i didn't trust some of their test taking strategies...i found some dangerously misleading.


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I only used the Saunders content book and the Saunders book of questions and passed the NCLEX after 75 questions.


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Thank you guys for all your comments!