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69% on saunders comprehensive

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I just took a comprehensive test from saunders. I took one yesterday and got around 80 but today I got 69. Does anyone know what is recommended? I take the NCLEX in 5 days and this just really shook my confidence!

A lot of the questions I missed were pharm. I KNOW the NCLEX is not real life, but don't they realize that I have a med book and a computer?? I'll look them up if I don't know them!!

Thanks everyone here is awesome and very helpful/supportive, Laura

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Well you did better than I did my first few! I ending up using saunders to review my weaknesses. Took NCLEX Monday passed with 75 questions , so stop taking these comprehensive test, study pharm and your other weaknesses and relax!

Good luck, you know the stuff, if not you would not graduated from nursing school!

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