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8-9 SATA & Easy questions on NCLEX

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Hi everyone,

I just found out that I passed the NCLEX-PN & I thought I would share my experience to hopefully ease someone's anxiety... Although no one's experience is the same with the NCLEX, I know reading someone's story always made me feel better.

I took my exam on 9/4/14 in California. I studied for a good 12 hours everyday for a month with a few breaks. I used various resources and books mostly Kaplan and Saunders.

My exam questions were very basic questions and the answers were common sense and I had about 8-9 SATA. After reading that getting alot of SATA and hard questions meant you were doing good, I automatically thought I failed since my exam seemed easier than I thought. I went home and cried. I tried the NEW pvt and it would not let me register again. Like many others, it eased my anxiety for a bit but then I couldn't forget how easy the questions were on the NCLEX & getting a small amount of SATA and how that is a bad sign ... so I kind of lost faith in the trick.

After 25 days of checking the mail for my official results, I finally got the letter saying in bold letters "HAS PASSED." I am more than happy.

IN MY CASE, the New PVT worked and please don't listen to what people are saying how the NCLEX should be because like I've said before, no one's NCLEX experience is exactly the same.

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Congrats!!!! What one person perceives as easy is going to be hard for others. You may not have gotten easy questions at all, you may have just been THAT good! Go celebrate!

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