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As a pre-nursing student,I have many friends who are nurses who try to help me in any way that they can.One nurse told me that every nursing student has one thing that helps them through nursing school.This thing usually has nothing to do with nursing.She told me that hers was a cup of tea and a recorded tv program that she would watch for half an hour to calm down before going to bed.She sometimes didnt hold this schedule because of studying and clinicals,but she said it gave her a little fun in her life without straying to far from home or her wallet.Any things that you have done to keep yourself motivated and relaxed in nursing school?

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Exercise! I walk my dogs nearly every day no matter what at a nice park or lake.

I also started using my school's gym: it's free and I can take my notes there while I ride the bike.

I'll also watch netflix once in a while!

Really though you will find your own things. Everyone's different. My friends don't need to study as much as I do, and they like to go out shopping and things for relaxing.

You're lucky to know many nurses, let them inform you when their floor needs a PCA or pt observer so you can get in there.


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Yep, the program I am in encouraged us to find something to do that distracts from studying. I took up Target shooting (compound bow) and joined the archery club at the university. Which brings up another point. check your campus student clubs and see if something interests you.

If you dont have a mental illness when you start nursing school, you will by the time you finish...:roflmao: