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San Jacinto College Central ADN-Spring 2015


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Thanks for responding so quickly Beginning15,

I remember when I applied I did a background check from precheck.com , but did not receive an email regarding fingerprinting. I went ahead and called bon and they gave me instructions. So, I am going to set an appointment as soon as possible so I can make sure I have it before orientation. Thanks again

You're welcome!! I'm so excited about all of this, lol! Good idea for calling BON. You might want to check with San Jac RN office just to see if you're on the right track or see if they have specific instructions for you. I would hate to see you have to pay for something again. This is already gonna punch me in the purse! Lol Worth it!

I used a place in Friendswood, but I know there are other places in this area.

Do any of you know which lab supply kit we are supposed to buy or do we pick all of them? I saw 3 of them and I was so confused. I'm trying to figure out how much money I will have to spend in orientation...eek.

Hey Tiffzors,

I think it's a choice of 1 out of the 3. My friend says he just chose the cheapest one. I think the difference is the stethoscopes.

I planned on the clinical scrubs, one of the lab packs, and I am going to order 4 sets of scrubs for school instead of the 2 required for school. Just my thoughts. It's like $500+ for me. Eeek is right, lol.

Hi there, I am also interested in applying to San Jacinto ADN program. I saw in your post that you are also considering full time and I would like to keep mine too (since the company is willing to pay for my school) but does anyone know how often you are required to come to class/clinicals per week? Based on the website, it looks like some courses are 16 weeks long and some are offered 8 weeks long (during a regular fall/spring semester).

Anyone else excited for orientation?!

JDC Nurse - I think this is a full time program, isn't it? My friend says clinicals are 12 hours.

Hi wonton! I am very excited about orientation!! Are you buying extra scrubs?

Hi everyone! I can't wait for orientation. I've been counting down the days since I got the acceptance letter.

I am not buying extra scrubs and probably gonna go with the cheapest lab kit. I gotta save my money for books and classes.

Hello, everyone. I am excited about orientation as well. I plan on buying the basic kit as well and extra scrubs. I have been saving for a month LOL. We should meet up at the orientation so we won't feel so awkward and get to know each other!!

Hello! I am on the fence about extra scrubs. My friend says he didn't get extra scrubs for clinicals, but I tend to spill stuff on my clothes, so maybe I should get some. I see where registration for orientation starts at 7pm, so I'll be there before that.

what time are y'all getting there tomorrow?

I'm thinking 6:45 a.m. so I can find where I'm going!!

I plan on being there either 7:00 or 7:10.

I'm going to try to get there by 7:15.

Hi Everyone- Did you see your schedule today?! I went in to register and did ok except for my Health Assessment class, which was flagged with "Requires Dept Chair Approval." Did anyone else experience that? I don't know what to do now. My registration is not complete now. Any ideas? Thanks!

Anyone know what books are in the bundle? I know they said it would be cheaper to get the bundle, but I want price it out for myself. I'm trying to save money anyway I can.