San Jac South Campus: LVN program starting Fall 2010


Hello everyone!

Trying to find some other students who are attempting to enter the LVN program at San Jacinto College South campus in fall of 2010.

I took the HESI last semester so I just have to show up with all of my documents for application. Feel left out! Anyone care to PM or just chit chat aloud about it?

Any worries getting in?

Ideas of what it will be like?

I'm taking the two bios this summer instead of during the first semester. Even though it's one class instead of two if I wait, I really want a good foundation. They don't offer the stinkin' nutrition course at south campus during the summer. What time will the courses run the first semester?

Thanks :heartbeat


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I am taking the HESI Exam tomorrow at the South campus. You can take an online Nutrition thats what I was told. At the South campus two years ago they let me take the LVN A & P. So I already have the class done without ever getting the in program. I have never taken the HESI exam and I am not sure what to expect. I will also be taking two Biologys over the summer.

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I am applying too! I was accepted for the Spring 2010 class but unable to attend. Really hope I get in this time. They still have my paperwork and said there was nothing else I needed to do, anyone knows when the deadline is?


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I am not sure what the deadline is... I think its May/June... I took the HESI today and made an 83. So I only get 10 points. How many points did you get? You will have to retake that exam right? I hope I get in but am kinda disappointed I only made an 83. I seen ppl leaving with 62's. :confused:


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So I have applied. I have 14 points total! They said we should know by the first or second week in june. :/ I have read other post from people applying at the South campus and had 14 points and they got in. So I am hoping that will be the same for me! They said they will email..... Let me know when you find out, Good Luck :)


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Yehey so excited starting August 23!!!


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Me too! I went to the interview this past week. Im Sooooo Excited to start!!!! :):yeah:


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Congrats to you ladies. My interview was July 15th. I am soooo excited to start on Aug 23rd !!!:yeah:


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Just wondering if anyone needs any tutoring? Just asking.... Good Luck to all!


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Hi! I am confused.. I got accepted to the south campus but no interview required.. Idk why?the only thing they told me was to attend a meeting to purchase the things I need and start the process

Thank you for the help :)