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The title says it all: what are average SD salaries for RNs with 2+ years experience? Specifically, what's the pay like for psych nurses?

I'd like to have an idea of what to ask for when it comes up in the job applications and interviews. I moved to Cali from one of the worst-paying areas for RNs, and I don't want to undersell myself by asking for a too-low rate (since that's what I've been used to getting ;))

Thanks in advance!

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I would think mid 30s. pay has taken a hit in california with the economy

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With 2 years of experience, I wouldn't be shocked if the San Diego wages have deflated to the high $20s and low $30s per hour for an RN with 2 years of psych experience.

You can try to get in at the VA. They have a GS scale, and from I hear, the pay is pretty good. Benefits are awesome.

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