Samuel Merritt University (SMU) ABSN Summer 2024

U.S.A. California


Hi all! Wanted to start a discussion for those who applied for Summer 2024 cohorts at Samuel Merritt so we can support each other. I applied to the Oakland and San Mateo campuses. I'm also excited to hear back if I got in to the Nursing Success Seminar January 2024 program. 

Is there a FB group for Oakland 2024 cohort?  Thanks! 

R5134 said:

Hi everyone,
I am a current student at SMU. I'm in the ABSN program. I don't recommend this program to anyone. I've seen bad reviews about this program and did not listen to them thinking they were wrong.  Please save your money and choose a different program!! The teachers are disorganized, everything is self taught, and if you don't have any medical/healthcare experience it makes things a lot harder. They'll try to tell you everything is okay when in reality it's not. I heard from the previous cohort 5 people dropped. I am also leaving. I was really excited to start this program but it's not what they make it seem. I wish I would've chosen a different program. I am currently looking to apply somewhere else. 

Hi! I've seen similar remarks on other pages here, and wanted to ask some more questions. So far, SMU is the only school I've been accepted into, the (ME-MSN case management program). I'm waitlisted at USF too.

First, I wanted to know if classes are online or in-person? For the tuition $$$ I'd hope they're in person, but I think I saw a post that most are online besides sim labs. 

Second, are there any updates on the preceptorship situation / have they been anymore transparent?

Hi everyone!

I was accepted into the Oakland ABSN program! 🙂

Hi everyone!

I got off the waitlist a few days ago and got accepted to the Oakland cohort! Unfortunately, I missed the Kick-Off Day since I was a late admission. Is there a Facebook group that I could join so that I can meet everyone and catch up with what I've missed? Let me know! 🙂 

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