Samuel Merritt University (SMU) ABSN Summer 2024

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Hi all! Wanted to start a discussion for those who applied for Summer 2024 cohorts at Samuel Merritt so we can support each other. I applied to the Oakland and San Mateo campuses. I'm also excited to hear back if I got in to the Nursing Success Seminar January 2024 program. 

Hi! I also applied for Summer I & II 2024 @ San Mateo and Oakland. 

Hi, I also applied to Oakland and San Mateo campuses and I got into the nursing success seminar. Hope to see you there! 

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I'll be there too! Looking forward to meeting you! 

Hi everyone! I applied to both campuses with Oakland as my first choice. Good luck to everyone else who applied. Hoping we get our decisions soon!? 

Hi everyone,
I am a current student at SMU. I'm in the ABSN program. I don't recommend this program to anyone. I've seen bad reviews about this program and did not listen to them thinking they were wrong.  Please save your money and choose a different program!! The teachers are disorganized, everything is self taught, and if you don't have any medical/healthcare experience it makes things a lot harder. They'll try to tell you everything is okay when in reality it's not. I heard from the previous cohort 5 people dropped. I am also leaving. I was really excited to start this program but it's not what they make it seem. I wish I would've chosen a different program. I am currently looking to apply somewhere else. 

When do you think they will send out emails of acceptance? I hope we all get in. I applied to Summer 1&2, San Mateo as my first option.

Probably sometime in April. I got an email a week ago saying that they completed their preliminary review of my application. 

Nina Mora said:

Probably sometime in April. I got an email a week ago saying that they completed their preliminary review of my application. 

Hey! Is there a reason you think we'll hear in April? From what I'm seeing from old forums, it seems like they heard back February, march the latest. I'm also seeing people saying they heard back a month after the preliminary email.

During the nursing success seminar, they said acceptance letters will be sent out 
10-12 weeks after the application deadline. The application deadline was extended from Dec.1 to January 15th. Hopefully, we hear back in April at the latest. 

According to the academic calendar that I found for the ABSN program here,, Summer I at San Mateo starts on April 29, 2024. It also has New Student Orientation for Summer I at San Mateo scheduled for April 4 - April 5, 2024. 

I would hope that we will be finding out very soon to give us enough time to plan and get situated. April seems like it would be way too late for those of us hoping to get in for Summer I. 

I keep reading all these awful stories about the lack of organization at this school and I hope this isn't the case with admissions already ? ? ?

Has anyone heard back? Also they extended the deadline to 3/15/24 now so I'm assuming we won't find out until April? 

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