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Hey Everyone! Just starting a new post to keep us all updated for this cycle :) Has anyone started or submitted their application yet?

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Submitted today! Eek

I submitted my application two weeks ago. Hoping for the best, especially since I don't have the best stats.

Good luck!

Good luck to everyone! Do you guys mind sharing your stats? I can start it off! My last 60/90 units are at a 3.83. Hesi is above 80. I'm currently working in the ER as a medical scribe! Feel free to post! Lets keep each other updated! :D

My last 60 GPA is 3.7

Science prereq GPA is 3.29

Overall HESI is 82

I worked in an assisted living facility passing meds for a few months. Now I am working in a hospital laboratory and I have a lot of contact with nurses and physicians.

Also, I participated in the nursing success seminar that Samuel Merritt offers every year.

I submitted in the beginning of November! Now we start the waiting game í ½í¸© Did anyone apply to both programs?

I applied to both programs. Just in case I don't get in, I am going to retake microbiology in the spring to raise my science GPA.

Well at least now you have two chances with applying to both programs! I also decided to apply to both last minute. I think the fact that you did the seminar will help too, especially if you were able to make some connections with the staff while there! Im anxious to just find out already! Lol

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I applied to both too. Science 3.25 overall 3.47 Hesi 89.6

I currently work at a clinic as a patient care coordinator. Have lots of volunteer experience but old.

I would definitely recommend the nursing success seminar. It was a good experience.

Did anyone have a letter of recommendation from a nurse?

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Yes, NP from the clinic I work at. I received an email that SMU received my FNP application.

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Hi all!

I am a current student in the ELMSN Case Management program at the Oakland campus. We started the program this Fall 2017 and have about a week left. I wish you all luck and let me know if you have any questions. :)

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