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Same mother company, different hospital

Same mother company, different hospital

Hi, I am currently a Registered Nurse at one HCA (Hospital corp of America) hospital. Would my current hospital know that I applied to another HCA hospital (in a different state)?

What are the repurcussions of applying to a different hospital (beloning to the same mother company)? I am looking to move to another state and would not like my current hospital to find out that I am looking for another job.


EllaBella1, BSN

Specializes in ICU.

I'm sure they would be able to find out, but I don't think they would care. I've applied to HCA before and I know that they share one HR application portal thing among hospitals. So yes, their HR should be able to figure it out. However I don't think they have someone sitting there and tracking who applies and where they currently work/contacting their hospital or anything. The only time I think it would matter and might come out is if you signed a contract with the new hospital.

Thank you for your reply!

bagladyrn, RN

Specializes in OB.

Looking at relocating to a different facility owned by the same company in a different state does not have to have negative consequences even if someone at your current facility becomes aware of it. You can very simply say "For personal reasons I need to relocate and since I have had such a positive experience here I hope to be able to continue with the corporation at my new location."


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