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Has anyone taken classes or completed a program at Saint Joseph University College? I was thinking about this program for FNP. There are more start dates that make it convenient when I can start and the classes are 12 weeks long. I want to do a part time schedule so I do not have to rush through the program. Also, if I decide to transfer my classes and finish my degree at another school are the credits transferable? I was thinking about South and Southern Indiana also. St. Joseph seems like a good school. Need some input. Thanks


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Just wanted to wish you good luck with your NP program.

Members with some information will come along and help you.

Hello. I am a current student, I will be finished December 2015. The curriculum isn't too bad; there are a lot of changes-constantly. Unfortunately, there always seems to be confusion about what is going on. For instance, I was supposed to start another clinical 11/30, there were several students held up by a school error and then registration closed. So, now we have to wait until 1/31/14. Some of us, at least six that I know of had to go back and find new preceptors and everything.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of changes that prevent a seamless education. The advisors do the best they can, but they don't always have the most current information either. That has put many of us behind by six months through no fault of our own. I do not suggest this school, but you have to talk to other students, they may have had a better experience.

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply. That helps a lot. What do you think of the work load and working full-time?

The work load is difficult, like any graduate program. The work is fair and I learned a lot. The information is consistent with the "brick and mortar" schools I researched. Working full-time is difficult, if I were in a position to work part-time I would. The most difficult part of all of this is all of the reading.


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I just got accepted to SJC online for FNP, would I be required to go to Maine at ALL during the program? My counselor said that there are 4 terms each year, each term being 12 weeks long. How many classes can we take per term?


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I just applied for the FNP program at Saint Josephs of Maine. I too have lots of questions from past or current students. I'm glad a new forum board has opened regarding this program - since all the other are from 4 years ago.

I'd appreciate any comments and advise regarding this program.


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Hi, I am in the process of applying for the online FNP at SJC. How have the courses been so far? I've talked to a couple people saying they didn't feel prepared when it was time to sit for the boards...