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  1. St Joseph College of Maine Reviews

    Hi can you tell me how the online FNP program went at SJC? Did you feel prepared for the boards?
  2. St Joseph College of Maine Reviews

    I guess according to an advisor, the program was cancelled and they just started it up again recently. I just emailed the advisor asking why they cancelled the program and re opened it. But I'm assuming it has to do with all the changes. I've read l...
  3. St Joseph College of Maine Reviews

    Did you feel prepared for your boards once you graduated?
  4. I'm currently applying to start the online FNP program at Saint Joseph's College in Main this fall. I am trying to see if anyone else is currently enrolled in this program. How long are the classes? How is the class work load? Do you/ Did you feel pr...
  5. St Joseph College of Maine Reviews

    Hi, I am applying to start SJC's online FNP program this fall. Is anyone currently in the program that can tell me how the courses are with workloads? Or if anyone has just graduated, do you feel ready for the boards? Currently SJC says they don't ha...
  6. Saint Joseph College FNP

    Hi, I am in the process of applying for the online FNP at SJC. How have the courses been so far? I've talked to a couple people saying they didn't feel prepared when it was time to sit for the boards...