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I know this bill passed in California, and it's in the senate here in Illinois. I am in support personally, but I'm curious.... Has anyone's hospital/organization threatened to fire all ancillary staff if the bill goes through? 

Both my mother's organization (she's a nurse too) and mine separately have communicated to their staff that they would fire all CNAs, phlebotomy, unit secretaries, and those who deliver patient meals to recuperate costs if the safe patient limits bill is approved. They are encouraging us to oppose the bill so that nurses don't have to take on these additional jobs (even though half the time we're already doing them). I can't imagine this is legal? Has anyone else's hospital or organization threatened this?

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Massachusetts threatened this too and hospitals paid over 25 million to defeat this bill several years ago.  

Pretty sure they're crying now because nobody wants to work bedside and they've been forced to almost double max RN hourly pay to keep us. They'll lie through their teeth to save money and avoid safe staffing. 

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I'm not sure how they would expect that to work and not have patients and their families sue the heck out of them

IMO it sounds like fear tactics they are trying to get you all to go "oh heck no, we don't need safe staffing'

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