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Safe Apartments


Hey everyone!

I am a new grad (May 09) and I just got hired in a DC hospital . I currently live in the Baltimore area because of school. After spending an hour and 45 mins driving to the interview in terrible morning traffic, I've decided I need to move down closer to DC. I would like to stay in MD so I don't have to change my car registration and driver's license but I want to get as close as I can so I can shorten my commute to about 20-30 mins. If anyone has any ideas about any 1 bedroom apartments that you would recommend that are inexpensive but still safe I would appreciate it. I would like to stay under 1K a month if at all possible.

Thank you all in advance!


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Congrats on your new job! :yeah:

Plan A: Is this hospital Metro accessible? If so, you might decide to live within commuting distance of a convenient Metro station in MD and take the train to work. For instance, I know Washington Hospital Center has connector buses to nearby Metro stations.

Plan B: What hours will you be working? If you're working 7:00am to 7:00pm for instance, you would be missing most of the rush hour traffic if you drive to work. And you probably won't have a problem commuting by car on weekends.

Thanks for your reply.

As for option A, the hospital does have a shuttle service from a metro station but I would want to make sure it was reliable before I depended on it for transportation.

For option B, I believe the internship program puts us on a rotating shift (7a-7p or 7p-7a). So I would be dealing with different issues depending on which schedule I was working that day.

I have a lot of things to consider I guess. It doesn't start until Feb. so I still have some time.