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Sacramento City College Fall 2020 ADN


Anyone here back from SCC yet?

Just got the email stating that we will be notified within the first two weeks of May and all applicants will receive an email with their status.

Yes, received acceptances last Monday and just got our emailed packets today.

Hello. What do you mean packets? Did it ask you to email them the acceptance form? Thank you.

Hi Giorgi - the acceptance form was the first email stating the congratulations that you got picked. Then they sent another email last week with the welcome packet which includes 6 pdf documents (welcome letter, background/drug screen info, medical exam info, etc.). This info also included our mandatory orientation information.

Thank you for the rely! Did you apply for Fall 2020?

Hi everyone, I received an acceptance email on 4/27/2020 and replied with my acceptance form. They got back to me 8-9 days later stating no additional information is required at this time and an official letter of acceptance will come out end of October. I did not receive a packet regarding background check, drug screening, etc. Please help!

Hi Rachel! Were you accepted to the Fall or Spring cohort? If Spring, that should come out later.

I was accepted for the Spring 2021 class. I was under the impression the Fall 2020 class got pushed back until Spring because of COVID? I applied for Fall 2020 program back in March. Does Sac City accept both Fall and Spring cohorts at one time?

Yes, they only have 1 application period and send out acceptances for both Fall and Spring at the same time. They decided to move forward with Fall for the nursing program this year which was awesome.

Oh okay, thank you! This was my first time applying so I just assumed there was a separate Fall and Spring application process.

I’m in the same situation as you. I applied for fall but got accepted for Spring 21. I didn’t get a reply when I sent my signed acceptance form. The email just said that I’ll receive a packet in October.