Sacramento City College ADN 2014/15 - Anyone hear a decision yet?

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Hi Everyone,

I applied to CSUS (Sac State) American River College, and Sacramento City College for the Fall 2014 Nursing Programs. It looks like I will be less than 5 points shy from making the cutoff for Sac State (booo!) and I got into ARC as an Alternate for Fall 2014 which guarantees me a seat in Spring 2015 (YAY!!). I was wondering if anyone has heard from Sac City's nursing program with any decisions? My application status just says 'Application Received'. :nailbiting:

This is a rough process... I feel exhausted from the waiting. :) Thanks and good luck to all you applicants out there!


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Hi LeapBaby big congrats to you for getting accepted for spring. :) I also applied to Sac city as well as ARC but haven't heard anything yet. The ARC status says Application Qualified and Sac city says Application Received. The anticipation is killer! ;(


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I applied to both arc and scc. I haven't heard anything from scc yet but I got accepted to Arc via email a few days ago. However I think I'm going to decline both and just apply to Chico states nursing program for spring 2015. I've just talked to too many people who say hospitals won't hire you without your BSN :( and the bridge programs to get your bachelors after your ADN take around 1 1/2 year to complete on top of the 2 year ADN program. Kind of frustrating considering doing a BSN program takes the same amount of time as the ADN program. I recommend trying to do the BSN instead if at all possible, but Goodluck to you both :)

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From my own experience, Sac City and ARC send out their acceptance letters within about a week of each other, and more likely within a few days of each other because they both know they're competing for the same student pool and they have similar deadlines to get things rolling for the upcoming semesters. Since someone here has just received an "alternate" acceptance, that means that ARC has sent out their acceptance letters and SCC should have theirs out shortly, if they haven't already sent theirs out. I would imagine that by next week, if you've not heard from SCC or ARC, you weren't chosen. What you want to see is "Application Qualified" or something like that because that means your application meets admission standards. If it doesn't, you need to find out where you didn't meet the requirements and "fix it." Chances are your application status won't change online for quite a while, if ever.


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Thanks everyone! Clueless91, I'm considering declining ARC and re-applying for Sac State after I re-take the TEAS. I just BARELY missed the point cutoff this semester (turns out this semester had the highest point cutoff - 72 - in a few years). I'm not thrilled with a RN to BSN program either... but I am *SO* anxious to start a nursing program. It's been 3 years of pre-reqs for Sac State. Good Luck to you all! :)


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My sac city application status still says "Application Received".


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Same here. Looks like we might be classmates Mark. We seem to apply to the same colleges.


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I know after doing GE and prerequisites for 3 years I'm just ready to start a program! I wish sac state wasn't so rough on the points they give out for their science GPA :/ I got a 92 on my teas but still am nowhere near their point cutoff because my GPA is only a 3.4. Oh well hopefully sac city informs us soon! :)


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Im still waiting. Havn't heard anything yet. Still at application received. It says random selection May 14th. I think being qualified is not enough.


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I got my acceptance email for Fall 2014 today! Anyone else?


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Got my acceptance email today as well for Spring 2015 though.


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I just received a letter from SCC in my losrios gmail account, but no update on eservices. It says I was accepted as an alternate for Fall 2014 and invited to the orientation. Does anyone know how many students they accept each semester & how many alternate status are issued per semester? I didn't see any alternate number either... does anyone know how to find your alternate number? Thank you for any info & good luck in your pursuits :yes:

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