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Rx4NCLEXsuccess or KAPLAN????

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by peds4now peds4now, RN (Member)

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Hi. I'm graduating right now and must decide between Rx4NCLEXsuccess and Kaplan Complete or Kaplan Complete Online to take as prep. They're all about the same price for me. Anyone have experience with Rx4NCLEXsuccess?

I've taken Kaplan for LSATs and GRE, and I always felt so bored in the classes because it is so dumbed down and repetitive. YESSo that's what made me think maybe do it ONLINE or do the Rx4NCLEXsuccess, which has more questions (4000+), is all online, and seemed to skip some of the hard-sell hype of Kaplan.

BUT, like a lot of people, I'm nervous and scared to go with something less proven. Most people say Kaplan works.

Is online Kaplan just as good? Is Rx.... any good?

TY and good luck everybody!!!!!!

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gradRN2007 has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac/Med Surg.

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I did the Feuer package for $375..27 cd's and 7-8 notebooks, passed with a 75 and my friend that i split it with passed too. we had been out of school in oct and took exam in march...really good review.

hope this helps

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