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Rutgers Camden Accelerated BSN


I'm currently taking pre-reqs to get into nursing school. I have my BA in psychology and am looking to get into an Accelerated BSN program. I have my eyes on Rutgers Camden. I was wondering if anyone had any info on getting accepted to this school. Any currents students enrolled in the program? Did you take the "recommended" pre-requisites prior to admission (Human growth & development, nutrition, & genetics)? I was planning to apply for Fall of 2015, but now that they're making the additional pre-reqs mandatory for starting that semester, I'm thinking I'll go ahead and apply for Spring 2015 admission and cross my fingers. (I haven't taken the additional pre-reqs) My BA GPA was 3.76 and I have A's in my science pre-reqs (I still have two to take in the fall). Any advice? Should I just go ahead and apply for spring admission, or should I just take the rest of the pre-reqs and shoot for fall admission?

I've sent two emails to Rutgers as well as calling, none were returned. I feel like I'm in the dark a little here.


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I graduated from there, but when the program was still in stratford. When I applied, we werent even allowed to apply until all prerequisite courses were completed. I'd imagine its still the same, but only they really know for sure. They're pretty disorganized with the transition from umdnj to rutgers.

Thanks for the help! I may have to drive over there and ask in person if I dont hear from someone soon!

I graduate from the ABSN program in 11days! & it's the most disorganized, unethical & unprofessional program I've ever been a part of! I loved it when we were at Stratford , but since moving to rutgers it's been hell!

I just wanted to post an update that Rutgers did get back to me and I had a personal meeting with the Dean to discuss the program. She was very helpful. I can understand that the merge was probably disorganized and stressful. When is moving ever easy? I do feel sorry for the students who got stuck in the middle of the move because to add a move on top of an already stressful program can make you feel frustrated. But it seems like now most of the kinks have been worked out and I imagine it will be a much smoother experience for new students.

How did your meeting go? I was thinking about attending the open house this weekend to see what it's all about. Maybe get a timeline on a decision and see acceptance rates etc. Hopefully you hear soon! I', super excited.

My meeting went very well. She encouraged me to apply for Spring admission and helped me figure out which classes would transfer as pre-reqs and which I still needed to take. The "recommended" courses can be taken during nursing school, but they encourage you to take them ahead of time so you have more free time in your schedule. I'm pretty sure they're changing that for Fall 2015 admission to make them required pre-requisites. I turned in my app in the beginning of this month and I should hear if I'm accepted in early December! I'm pretty excited too. :)

I spoke with someone from admissions yesterday at the open-house. I was in the area and said why not drop on by. She said the decisions should be ready within 2-3 weeks. :) I was in the same boat, IF accepted I have to take an intro to soc. class ( boooo, I hope it's online). I have all the other "recommended" classes completed, and my application has been in since middle of Aug. or September. So my fingers are still crossed!! Where else did you apply, if anywhere..

Rutgers is the only place I applied, for Spring admission. Originally I was planning to wait to start school until Fall 2015, but just went ahead and applied for Rutgers for Spring just to see if I could start earlier. If I don't get in for Spring I guess I'll look into some other schools for Fall... hoping I don't have to though!

Same. I applied to rutgers and NYU for spring start. I am over all of my jobs so I'm ready to start a new career asap

I hear ya! I've been wanting to go into nursing for years now... I like that Rutgers has an early entry DNP program too.

Oh my goodness, ever since you told me the decisions would be ready in 2-3 weeks I feel like I've been counting the hours! I'm so anxious to find out the decision!

Me too! It's terrible! I'm extra anxious because I've had some cool job interviews so.... A lot rides on if I get into nursing school or not. HURRY UP!!!!

So much for 2 - 3 weeks ... Maybe this week? Fingers crossed?

LOL I was thinking the same thing yesterday! I think I'm just going to tell myself that answers wont be ready until December that way I'm not so anxious about it!

But seriously.....tick tock

Hey! I actually spoke with admissions on Thursday ---- I got email confirmation that decisions will be made early this week and we'll be notified by end of the week..... If we don't hear.... Let's go down and demand answers.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ok well this week is going to go by extremely slowly!! lol And if we dont hear, yes I agree.. lets beat down the door (always a great first impression! haha jk!)