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  1. @ivory Im sorry got sick I can send u a resume example this wknd!
  2. I have an interview at Abington memorial next week. I think that's about an hour and 15 from my house.
  3. I am currently looking in NJ & PA, but I'm pressing for a hospital position. Patiently applying to every hospital , big n small, near & far, within the 2 states. If your crunched for time, start with nursing homes, if your up north..VA Facilities. What was told to me: make it your job to apply to jobs until you land a job👍
  4. I honestly don't know. Depends on which part of jersey U are looking?
  5. IvoryRN all of my friends are new RNs with BSNs & some have taken a year to get a job in NJ hospitals. It was suggested to apply at LTC facilities for faster employment or nursing homes!
  6. shan6802

    Abington Memorial Hospital Job

    New Grad BSN-RN...looking at possible position at Abington Memorial...anyone have experience working here? Hiring process info? Good...bad...the ugly? Thx
  7. Also, apply for PA license!!! That comes quickly once u have NJs! It's hard right now in jersey
  8. thecareerchanger I did the exact same thing!!! My intention was an MSW/LCSW/LCADC! Finished my CADC courses, but dropped out with 12credits left for my MSW bC I wanted to go to nursing school! Started my prereqs when I was prego with baby #4 & graduated from Rutgers ABSN program this past August when I was 34! best choice I ever made!
  9. shan6802

    Jobs in New Jersey for New Grads

    I'm from south jersey & in the same boat
  10. shan6802


    PPIs, pressors, various fluids & when to use each
  11. shan6802

    ABS and BS in Nursing

    I am not saying one is better than the other. Simply stating there is a difference & upon applying people should know this. It was specifically stated to my graduating class that Rutgers Camden SON, which has a BS-Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Nursing, is not authorized by the board of governors to confer a BSN. Thus, writing "BSN" after your name when you graduate their program is misrepresenting yourself. The proper way to write credentials from completion of their program is "Name, RN-BS or RN-BS(N) or RN-BScN". We were informed by Rutgers staff that the "Bachelor of Science, with a major of Nursing, offers more broad courses for example communications, natural sciences, math and physics while the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree provides students with a basic foundation in science while focusing on nursing as a specialty." See: What is the difference between a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and just a regular Nursing degree? | Bachelor Of Science In Nursing. Coming from the UMDNJ ABSN program, we had an entire clinical rotation more than the new ABS students at the Camden Campus.see the new curriculum: ABS Curriculum | School of Nursing - Camden information shared by faculty via email: https://allnurses.com/nursing-educators-faculty/bsn-vs-bs-104537.html "Building upon a previous degree in a wide variety of majors, successful completion of specific prerequisite courses and the Nursing courses studied in the Accelerated BSN program, graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The Accelerated BSN is an intensive program that provides an exemplary nursing curriculum in 15 months. Over the course of 4 semesters, students will be educated on the basics of nursing through to the intricacies of Nursing Leadership. At Rutgers-Camden,students learn to care for their patients and promote health on a global scale." thats straight from the rutgers cmd website. Again, I am not stating one is better than the other....just that there is a difference.
  12. Go for your goals! I started my 15mth accelerated BSN-RN program at 33, 4 kids (ages 13-8-5-3) , worked PT & managed to push through! It's hard but what U want U will get!
  13. shan6802

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    BA-26 Graduated an accelerated BSN program at 34
  14. shan6802

    Accelerated Nursing Rutgers Camden

    That's not a bad thing! The more you know, the better off you are! Knowledge is Power!!!
  15. shan6802

    Accelerated Nursing Rutgers Camden

    Good luck!!! 👍 Im not trying to say one degree is better than the other. It's a matter of personal preference & what your long term plans are.
  16. shan6802

    ABS and BS in Nursing

    Although this thread is geared to "clarifying" the difference Btwn a BS in nursing & a BSN, it fails to address the issue of employment & credentials. After tons of research, the following is true: 1-Academically the BS & BSN is viewed equal when applying to MSN/DNP programs. Having either/or is acceptable. 2-a recipient of a BS with a major in Nursing CAN NOT write "BSN-RN" as their professional credential. Some places of employment informed us you would be permitted to write "BS (N)-RN". 3-if an employer lists a BSN requirement to be considered for a position, you MUST in fact have a BSN! Stating you have this, when in fact you have a BS, is a lie. 4-the BS is in fact more theory/research based. Thus, requiring fewer on the floor clinical student nursing hours. 5- when employers were asked, students were informed that, although they had a BS-RN, it was preferred they enroll in a ABSN program to be considered for positions at CHOP/Virtua/Jeff/Penn/Cooper. I can't say if any others require the same as these were the ones we recieved written replies from. 6- Rutgers Is Rutgers, no one cares to ask if we graduated from up north or camden. However, when applying for financial Aid , there's a difference. If you want a BSN, it's also only offered up North now! 7- none of the above info is down grading a BS vs BSN (or vice versa) it's just the facts gathered by over a dozen students looking for clarification. Reputable sources contacted for this info include: hospitals listed above; Graduate school programs; lawyers; legal RNs; BON; clinical preceptors; RU staff.