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Hi! I applied to Rush BSN program. I have already taken the TEAS two weeks ago, and now I'm just waiting for a decision.

I know that I've read people here who has been accepted to the ABSN (accelerated) program, I was just wondering if anyone was accepted to the non accelerated one? If you were accepted, can you share your GPA and your TEAS score if you don't mind?

My pre-req GPA is a 3.46.. I'd like to believe that I wrote well written essays to make up for that though...

As for TEAS, does anyone know which segment of the score (the overall one, or the % compared to others in the program..) they're going to look at?

I don't know, I just need something read because all this waiting is driving me crazy.. my tactic is, if i think about it hard enough, maybe i'll get accepted to it, I mean that's the only thing I can do right now, right?

Thank You for listening!

-ms. apprehensive


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I just got my acceptance letter for RUSH non-accelerated program about 3 weeks ago. I took my TEAS on March 30th and my score was 77. I scored really high in the english and comp. portions and O.K. in the science and math. My GPA is 3.65. I'm not sure exactly what they look at to determine acceptance, but I'm just glad to get in.

Good luck to you. Let me know if you get in.


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I just wanted to wish you Good Luck!!! I hope you get in! I know how hard it is waiting for the decision.


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I guess we'll be classmates then! I guess my 85% in the TEAS was good enough! I'm so excited!!


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Congrats on your admissions, I had clinical instructors that thought at both Universities Rush CON and UIC CON, they said the clinical segment was more easier then UIC since they didn't have nearly as much paper work (care-plans). Both schools are prestigious and very competitive, except Rush is really expensive.


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